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Monica Nylin

Monica has been in the business travel industry for many years and as a part and sole owner of eXcits worldwide AB since the start up in 2004. Previously she was employed at Nyman & Schultz / American Express for 14 years, where she worked primarily as a business travel consultant but also with start-up of in-house offices for two of Sweden’s largest corporations. Over the years, she has worked with development, project management, training and implementations of technology, customer contracts, travel policy development and almost everything else that is a necessity in the industry. She knows the business by heart but the main focus has always been to manage business travels that are more efficient for the customer. IATA Certified.

Åsa Persson

Åsa has been in the business travel industry since the birth of eXcits worldwide AB in 2004, first as a partner and then as an employee. She has been involved in developing the company and is a creator of relations. Her work with business travel, groups and conferences, and special trips are characterized by high quality and innovation. Before she came to the business travel industry, she worked in the hotel industry for 15 years with everything from desk work to starting up the hotel business and large conferences and special events. During two years she worked at Karlshamns travel agency with both private and business trips. She has had extensive training which makes her qualified in many areas of the business. IATA Certified.

Kim Pettersson

Kim has been in the business travel industry for many years. She began her career at Nyman & Schultz / American Express in Blekinge, where she worked for 5 years at all of the county’s offices including the in-house office of ABB and Volvo in Olofström. A couple of years ago, she worked in a couple of smaller private agencies in Karlshamn. In 2006 she began working at eXcits worldwide AB with business travel but also with Groups & Conferences and special events. Her experience in the industry has given her a skill that makes her confident in what she’s talking about. Kim has a university education in English and economics and has also worked in Sydney and in London.

Josefine Åkesson

Josefine began her career in the travel industry through TRAC training in Stockholm in 2004. During her training, she found work as a travel agent at Ticket Leisure Travel, where she stayed on for four years. After her time there, she worked on HRG Nordic as a business travel consultant. In 2014 she decided to return home to Kristianstad, and in the fall of 2015, she began working here with us.

Mats Nyberg


Kenne Jönsson


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