Fine print

For your security reasons we ask you to look through even the fine print and find out about what applies to your particular journey. Sometimes the unexpected and then it’s good to have knowledge of what can be done by you and what we can do for you.


When you travel for business or pleasure, it is very important that you are properly insured and your or your company’s insurance company is responsible for this. Do you take separate insurance, we cooperate with the European Travel Insurance. NOTE! Cancellation Insurance must be taken out when booking.


A lot happens in our world and sometimes discouraged you from visiting certain places. Current information available at the State Department. Foreign Ministry informs about current information

Passport & VISA

You must always have the right passport and sometimes a visa or other entry permit to visit certain countries. It is each traveler’s responsibility to make sure you have any necessary VISA and VALID PASSPORT entering another country.

Be aware that some countries require that a passport be valid 6 months after completion of the trip. Also note that some countries have special rules for other stamp in the passport. It is extremely important that you research all the requirements and provisions applicable to the country or countries you plan to visit on your trip. At the slightest doubt, contact the country’s embassy or consulate.

More information at the police and

Vaccination & Health

Advising on vaccinations and other travel prophylaxis is complicated because the council has to be individually designed for each individual case, by qualified personal vaccination. Contact your nearest clinic or vaccination center. General recommendations can be found through vaccination guide

PDA – Personal Data Protection act

We handle your personal information in accordance with PDA


When you traveling abroad, you should order
“European health insurance card”

eXcits follow
SRF:s conditions for packages

SRF’s conditions for packages

Consumer Agency informs
about the rights oppurtunities and responsibilities you have
when you
‘re traveling and when you’re on the move.


Police – Passports and id-cards 
Police for passport and id card information Police

Information about Visa for Swedish citizens

Electronic Application to enter USA with the Visa Waiver program

Vaccination guide 
Vaccination guide

1177 Sjukvårdsrådgivningen
Healthcare advice

Flight Passenger rights EG261/2004 
Air Passanger rights

Foreign Ministry`s Travel Advice 
Foreign State departments travel recommendation

Black lists airlines (see also bottom)
Airlins on EU’s black list

Your Europa
Your Europe

Swedish Embassies 
Swedish Embassies

UInstistute of international affairs Country Information
Institute of International affairs Country information

Consumers Authority
Consumers Authority

Civil Aviation Authority
Civil Aviation Authority

International Air Transport Association

Svedish Travel Agency Association 
Swedish Travel agency association

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